Announcement BSG Lustrum

Hello everyone! We hope that everyone has had a great start to 2021. We are planning to make this year extra special because BSG will be celebrating their 5th anniversary this year! It has been a thrill these years with all the amazing people in the community. So first of all: Thank you! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you all! ♥

During these 5 years, we have seen many different people and speedruns on our marathons, creating beloved memories. And we thought to ourselves: “Can we somehow relive some of these memories we made, and celebrate our existence?”

Well, of course we can!

Therefore, we’re happy to announce that for our 5th anniversary we will be bringing you a special stream: “BSG Lustrum”. We have invited runners to do their iconic runs for us whilst reminiscing about their favourite BSG moments. The event will be shown on our Twitch channel, and is going to happen February 27th and 28th (which is exactly 5 years since we held our first marathon 🙂 ). The schedule still needs to be fully fledged out, but a list of runs is already available, see the bottom of this post.

We’ve seen so many amazing people throughout the years that we could unfortunately not invite everybody. (Or we needed to stream for a few weeks 😛 ). But we still wish to involve as many people as we can in our celebration. Therefore, we will be making small videos to play during this event to show off the community of BSG. Not only we as an organization make BSG what it is, everybody here makes BSG the wonderful thing it is. Therefore, we have a little request for you. If you want to share with us what BSG means to you, we would love to have you record a little video where you answer some personal questions about BSG. That way, we can have as many people as possible show their feelings about BSG. If you want more details about these videos, make sure to check out THIS SITE for more details.

Thanks to everyone who has attended, ran, volunteered or even just watched any of the events in the past 5 years. Each and every one of you have made BSG what it is today, and hopefully many more beautiful memories will be made with you all in the future! Hope to see you on February 27th! 💘

Runner Game Category
Dutchj Super Mario Sunshine Any%
Thextera Rayman Any%
MrMeanMoustache Super Mario 64 70 Star
Riekelt Ape Escape 2 Any%
Crrool Final Fantasy Any%
J4sp3rr A Story About My Uncle Any%
TheMotherbrain86 Solar Jetman Any%
Valyssa F-Zero GX All Tracks TA
Shuribear Ninja Gaiden Any%
RDVvsTheWorld Yoshi's Story Any% (US/EU)
Kinnin11 Õkami Any% NG+
ShadowFrost Luigi's Mansion Any% (No OoB)
Mr_Brood Dark Souls Any%
NepumukGaming INK Any%
Rasschla vs Kaethil Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets Any%
Grumpmeister Link: The Faces of Evil All Cutscenes
Badkiara vs ThePlumberHimself Kwirk 99 rms (easy)
CriticalCyd Sonic Heroes Team Sonic
Sniperwave Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume C Ending
Araya Pokémon Pearl Any%
YumeTsubasaCH Rosekreuzstilette Freudenstachel Any% Freudia
Xita The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Master Sword
Jellyd0ts Skorpulac Any%
Indi Addams Family Any%

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