Invite BSG Lustrum

Thanks for showing interest in making a video. Before making your video, make sure you read through the entire document. At the end of this document, you will find the questions you can answer.

When making a video, make sure to take the following into account:

  • The videos will be in English.
  • You don’t need a professional camera if you want to make a video. Even a phone camera is fine. If you do, make sure you use it in landscape mode.
  • Be comfortable and natural with what you say. We’d rather have you make a few mistakes and have it personal, than having you read off a script.
  • It’s fine if you don’t want to answer all the questions. Even a single question answer we appreciate.
  • There is no way we can guarantee everyone will be featured, but we’ll try our very best.
  • When sending in this video, you agree that this footage can be used on our Twitch and our other social media platforms.
  • If you remember a moment that happened on stream that relates to one of your answers, providing the video link would be a great help.

When answering these questions, please take the following into account:

  • If you answer multiple questions, make sure that you take a few seconds in between each question. That makes editing for us much easier.
  • When answering the question, make sure to incorporate the question into your answer. (For example: “BSG is special to me, because …)
  • Try to elaborate a bit on the questions. We unfortunately can’t do much with very short answers (same goes for very very long answers 😉 )

Videos can be sent to us via We recommend you using WeTransfer to upload your video, to maintain as much quality as possible.

The deadline is February 14th, 2021

Thank you for helping us out with this, and we hope to hear all about your experiences with BSG.


What made you join the BSG Community? How were your first experiences with the BSG community? Either in person or online.

What does BSG mean for you? What is it that you enjoy about BSG? The runs, the community?

What is your most precious BSG memory? You can think of moments on stream, in the Discord, on-site, whatever you can think of!

last update: Jan 16, 2021

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