Runner Guidelines

By submitting a Run to BSG you are aware of the following rules and accept these:


  • Keep language PG-13 at all times. This means no swearing of any kind.
  • Keep away from topics that are sensitive. This includes things like politics, religion and other “hot button” items. This includes any form, be it on commentary or through other means.
  • Follow the instructions of the staff or volunteer in regard to the stream
  • Keep commentary in english. A big part of the audience is not dutch, so please keep this in mind.
  • Mute all mobile devices as to not interfere with the stream
  • Don’t touch the microphone when you are not supposed to

Other Stream-related things:

  • Disable all potentially offensive or political FFZ emotes, otherwise the emotes won’t be featured
  • For console: Bring a legitimate console+controller and a legitimate copy of the game (or flash card if leaderboards allow it) to the event. Also bring the required cables such as power cables and composite cables/HDMI cables or contact us directly. If you’re using a DS/3DS capture, don’t forget to bring the necessary product IDs to use the software.
  • We do not allow emulator runs of any kind.
  • For PC: Download/Install the game on the Marathon PC in advance (communicate to Tech). If you feel like you can also bring your own PC to the event.
  • For PC  games, make sure that the version you’re on is legal. We do not allow torrented or otherwise pirated files.
  • Make sure that if your game comes on a disc, that you know how to rip it to a USB drive, or ask directions from BSG staff. The gaming pc’s provided do not have DVD drives.
  • Runners need to be on-site at least 1,5 hour before their run starts

Collaborating With