Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Terms of Agreement

General regulations for all events organized by BSG Marathon.

Last update: April 2, 2019

Illegal activities
Personal and contact information


1) When signing up for an event or part of it, the participant agrees with the terms and conditions of the organization. All tickets that are being sold will still be property of the organization. When a participant is younger than 18 years old, they need to have authorization by letter from their parents or guardian. Without this authorization the person will be refused entrance to the event. When a participant is younger than 16 years old supervision is required. The participant can be supervised by a parent, guardian or someone at least 18 years of age that has authorization by letter from a parent or guardian to supervise.

2) a. Your ticket is transferable to another participant. You will receive a ticket number which you will have to give to the person that bought your ticket. After activating this pre-check in code it belongs to the one that checked in with it.
b. When selling tickets, it’s forbidden to make a profit. It’s only permitted to sell a ticket for the same or for a lower price as it was bought from the organizer.

3) In no case will the participant receive the paid entrance money back when he is no longer able to attend. The prove proof of payment is, as every other ticket, not refundable. Exceptions to this rule are deaths and serious illness in first grade family. As a prove, the doctor statement has to be handed over to the organization. Participants need to have their own travel insurance when they feel the need.

4) Participants always need to visibly carry the bracelet as a prove proof of payment. The organization is authorized to ask for this prove proof of payment at any time. If a participant can’t show this, he/she needs to pay the ‘at the door’ rate; otherwise he/she has to leave the venue. An extra penalty of 10 euros needs to be paid when a participant can’t show the prove proof of payment.


1) Participation is at your own risk. The promoter is not liable for any damage, by whatever name, which the participant may suffer as a result of participation. The organization cannot be taken responsible for loss, theft or damages to personal properties. The participant is always responsible for all detriment inflicted by the participant to the organization, the network, the power, the location, intellectual property, material for hire, chairs, tables, activities, the infrastructure, the car park, other participants and other organizations. Included is damage by connecting a computer or other equipment to the network or power supply provided by the organization.

2) The participant safeguards the organization for all claims from third parties that link to the way a participant used the network during the event. When a participant destructs other participant’s properties, he/she will be removed from the location without a refund and a police statement will be made. The expectation of the organizer is that all participants will behave themselves like they’re supposed to, so that there will be no negative consequences for our partners. Instructions of our crew at the event are to be followed at all times.

3) If, despite the provisions to be adopted in the first paragraph of this Article the liability of the organizer for damage to the participant, the obligation of the organizer to pay compensation is limited to the maximum amount that the insurer of the organizer to pays respect of that damage.

4) The applicant must be adequately insured against the risk of damage he or next of kin may suffer as a result of his death, injury or illness caused by participation in the run.

5) The participant shall indemnify the organizer for damages that third parties may suffer as a result of an attributable to the participant acts or omissions with respect to the run. The participant must be adequately insured against the risk of liability for such damage.

Illegal Activities

1) Ownership or usage of weapons of any kind is not allowed. This rule also applies to spud guns and paint-ball weapons.

2) Every form of hacking is forbidden. Monitoring the (suspicious) network traffic is one way that the organization uses to execute this rule. Violating this rule will lead to removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

3) The participant is forbidden to take illegal software and/or materials to the event. The participant is always responsible for all software and/or materials brought in by him/her. When distribution of illegal software or other illegal things are ascertained, official instances will be noticed. Violating this rule will lead to the removal of the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

4) The organization is allowed to research violation of the general conditions. Information about the participant or prosecutor and material on the servers and network of the organization can be used in the research. Participant authorizes the organization to work together with a judicial authority in the research to supposed criminal violations. By such a cooperation, usernames, IP-addresses or other identifiable information of a participant can be handed over to the rightful claimant.


1) Alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event. Those may only be bought and consumed by people above the age of 18. A participant that causes nuisance because of alcoholic drinks will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.

2) Consummation of any kind of drugs at the site of the event is forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without payback of any entrance fee.

3) Sales of any kind of drugs is strictly forbidden. Everyone who violates this rule will be removed from the event without a refund and handed over to the local authorities.


1) It is not allowed to sell food or other articles without permission of the organization. Advertisements for commercial businesses are not allowed. Violating this rule will lead to a formal warning, ignoring this warning leads to the removal of the participant from the event without payback of the money paid to participate.

2) Acting in a way that is perceived by others as provocative, threatening or discriminatory, or troublesome, or as a disturbance of the peace is not allowed. This also includes chanting slogans that others might perceive to be discriminating. Such is to be determined at the discretion of the organizers. When someone breaks the rules, he/she will get a warning from the organization or from competent persons. If someone is repeatedly breaking the rules, he/she will be removed from the event without any right to a refund.

3) In case of a fight between two or more people, the involved people will be interfered by the organization. If the offenders will not leave the terrain voluntary, they will be handed over to the police.

4) Garbage needs to be deposited at the containers that are spread over the venue. Making garbage at the venue is not allowed. When a participant is caught when making a mess, he will be forced to clean up said mess. If the participant does not comply the organization is authorized to remove the participant from the venue without the right to a refund.

5) Whenever materials like consoles, games, etc, get left behind and delivery needs to be made the costs for delivery plus 10% will be charged to the participant.

6) Having a sponsor of your own and promoting your sponsor by using flags/banners/projection is forbidden. When having a sponsor, you have the possibility to introduce them to us for sponsoring of the event.

7) Handing out flyers on and around the venue is not permitted. It is forbidden by the police and the organization. When handing out flyers illegally is noted, a penalty of 250 euros per flyer will follow.

8) Keeping surveys is only permitted after you’ve received written approval from the organization.

9) Visitors are prohibited from handling the equipment of the organization. They are permitted to request assistance from the staff.


1) The organization is permitted to allow audio and video recordings. People in these recordings won’t receive any compensation.

2) The participant gives permission in advance to the organizers for publication during and in the run taken pictures, images and the like, in which the participant is visible.

3) The organization isn’t responsible for promises made by third parties.

4) Audio and video recordings made at the event are only to be used for non-commercial purposes. Audio and video recordings made for commercial use will have to be approved by the organization.

5) The organizer reserves the right to self-publish imagery that is made by a participant during the run, in any medium without mentioning the source or owner.

Personal and contact information

1) BSG can share personal and contact information with third party agents or service providers (including our affiliates acting in that capacity).

2) The personal data provided by the participant will be stored by the organizer in a file. The participant grants by entering into the agreement authorizes the organizer to use the personal data to third parties for sending information to the participant. The participant may at any time free of charge in writing or by e-mail indicating an objection to sending information by the organizer or by providing personal information, then the organizer will respectively stop.